A Forum in Louisville: Creating a New Old

June 5, 2019

We live long, let’s start living well.
Creating A New Old invites you to the Speed Art Museum in Louisville for a two-day deep dive into contemporary aging.

An inspiring celebration of the potential of us, the aging population. What is unique about aging today? Who are the innovators creating tomorrow’s solutions and how?

Living longer is changing the way we live, where we live, and how we care for our aging selves and our beloveds. Older populations include the wealthiest and most fragile in society. Change is crossing sectors from finance to transport, tech to fashion, housing to healthcare.

Creative approaches are rewriting the traditions of aging, providing vision, connecting institutions and communities, nurturing wellbeing.

Come to see where we all might be going on this one great big adventure.


Speakers include:
Anne Basting - www.Timeslips.org

Dominic Campbell - www.creativeaginginternational.com

Theodore Edmonds - www.creativeplacehealing.com

Anna Faul and Joseph D'Ambrosio - www.tragerinstitute.org

For updates and more detail on the the event schedule, please log on to http://www.creativeageinginternational.com/events/

This event is free, but spaces are strictly limited so you must register to attend.

Supported and inspired by:

Atlantic Fellows, Global Brain Health Institute, the City of Louisville, Louisville Healthcare CEO Council, Next Avenue, Speed Art Museum, TimeSlips, the Centre for Creative Pacehealing at the University of Louisville and the Trager Institute at the University of Louisville.