Basting to Keynote Institute on Aging Colloquium

September 27, 2019

8am to 1:30pm on the UW-Madison campus

Includes speakers, a Health & Resource Fair with local aging organizations, and a Poster Session showcasing recent aging research.


Registration opens the first Monday in August and usually fills up within a week.

Sign up to receive event details at:

aging.wisc.edu or contact:(608) 262-1818aging@ssc.wisc.edu

Hosted by the University ofWisconsin-Madison Institute on Aging

Dr. Basting shares stories of how shifting away from the expectation of memory toward the freedom of imagination opens expression and mean-ingful relationship with people with dementia, their care partners, and care systems themselves. Infusing creativity into care brings hope and meaning back within reach– which is crucial for quality of life for both people living with dementia and for their care partners.