TimeSlips Resources for Remote Engagement

December 14, 2020

Let's face it, it's been a challenging year. One of the hardest parts of this year has been the added difficulties of connecting with loved ones who we cannot visit at this time. As soon as lockdowns started taking place in the United States in March, TimeSlips began creating and corralling resources for you. These provide you with needed tools to connect while still remaining separate. To help you navigate these resources, we compiled a list of them below. Please use and share widely!

Creativity Guides

Mural Guide (
TimeSlips is delighted to bring you these beautiful art images from artist, Andee Rudloff. Enlarge the images and make window murals that can be painted on either or both sides of the window, or print them in their current size as coloring pages. 

Coloring Pages (
Print and color these fun illustrations made by Wisconsin native TimeSlips artist, Allie Eichenhofer. 

Beautiful Questions Guide (
Beautiful Questions are the key to engaging creatively. They are a core concept in our training, and while we recommend you take the full training to get a better understanding of how to facilitate creative conversations and opportunities for engagement, this guide is a great introduction! Try using these questions on the phone with an elder you care about, or use it as a prompt to write a postcard to someone you care for. You can also call our Beautiful Question voicemail line (1-800-220-1822, ext. 1) and leave your answer there.

HomeMade Zines
As a part of the Wisconsin Creative Communities of Care project, TimeSlips hired five regional artists who were asked to work with a local care community to facilitate a large-scale creative celebration. Of course, with COVID, those plans needed to change. In an effort to meet the needs of the moment, the artists came together to collaborate on a series of three ‘zine workbooks with the goal being increased engagement and creative opportunities, without putting more effort and stress on the staff. Below are the links to all three zines.

Outside my Window: 
Meet me Here:
A Space for Me:  


TimeSlips has led more than 25 webinars this year! We encourage you to review the full webinar archive to find those that interest you most. Below are just a few that include some tips on remote engagement: 

Engagement in a Time of Quarantine: Part 1
Get Engaged! Introducing TimeSlips Engagement Parties
Durham Creative Care Engagement Webinars (Playlist)


We went from bi-monthly newsletters to monthly newsletters and weekly emails that we call a "Weekly Dose of Creative Care." Sign up for one of both here. Want to take a look at past newsletters? Check out our newsletter archive here. 

Wendy's Neverland Virtual Workshops

Inspired by a three-year project, involving 12 care communities in rural Kentucky, these virtual workshops are meant for guiding one-on-one engagement bedside. To make it easier for you, we have PDFs and short videos for each of the six activities. Click here for access to the guides.

Friends & Family Resources

A big success of 2020 was launching our new Friends & Family resources. Included in this is a free training meant for Friends & Family to learn how to facilitate one-on-one engagement with loved ones. Want to take it a step further and share what you've learned with others? We have also included a guide for you to lead a TimeSlip Engagement Party. Visit this link to learn more.


A big initiative of ours since COVID hit was to facilitate connections via snail mail between our network of facilitators and care communities all over the world. Since March 2020 our network has sent over 28,000 postcards worldwide! Visit this link to find communities to write to and let us know how many you pledge to send. Interested in getting your care community signed up? Let us know by emailing To get a better picture about the impact a small action like writing a postcard can have, read this guest blog by TimeSlips Certified Facilitator, Luca Carli, from Florence, Italy. 


At TimeSlips, we are dedicated to empowering care partners and enriching the lives of elders everywhere. We hope that these resources help you connect with someone you care about. Do you have questions on any of the resources listed above? Please email