Delivering Non-Stop Engagement to Reduce Social Isolation

November 9, 2021

Once again in 2021, the TimeSlips staff and artists with whom we work supported elders living with memory loss as well as those who care for them, with special care for those who are living in various levels of isolation as the pandemic continued to impact us all. And TimeSlips’ efforts continue to have extraordinary results.

Our elders living with dementia continue, in year two of Covid-19, to be among those most heavily impacted by this pandemic. Those living with dementia are often already living in a kind of social isolation, whether physical or emotional, and TimeSlips did incredible work in 2021 to serve some of our most vulnerable community members. 

In 2021 TimeSlips:

As we come to the end of 2021, TimeSlips recognizes that in 2022, services for elders living with dementia must continue to be prioritized. Elders living with dementia remain at a higher risk than most community members for being lonely, and for having negative health impacts related to loneliness. TimeSlips’ programs help to bring a sense of connection to elders and their caregivers. Now more than ever, TimeSlips’ services are needed to increase feelings of meaning and joy in the lives of those for whom we care. Please help us reach our isolated elders and continue to support hard-working caregivers with FREE resources.

Please consider contributing to this extraordinary organization at this extraordinary time. If you want to learn more about the work we did this year, check out our Facebook Live event “TimeSlips & Friends Present: A Year in Review” on Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021 from 12:30pm CST/1:30pm EST.