Check Out 5 of Our Favorite Website Features

June 20, 2019

1. Check out the FIND TIMESLIPS NEAR YOU feature on our interactive map!  Just pop in your zip code and watch it zoom in to find Creative Communities of Care, Certified Facilitators, and Master Trainers near you.

2. Get answers to our most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, then take our ALL NEW TimeSlips training to become a facilitator yourself! As a student/volunteer; family caregiver; or professional care staff.

3. Visit our new CREATIVITY CENTER with 300+ prompts, with categories like Asking Beautiful Questions; Making Up Stories; and Having gentle conversations.

4. There are now THREE ways to record your responses to a prompts in the Creativity Center – You can write your response; photograph and upload it; or audio record it!

5. Invite a far-away friend or family member to COLLABORATE with you on your stories in the Creativity Center!