The Beautiful Questions Project

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TimeSlips Creative Storytelling and Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services Division on Aging in collaboration with Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, St. John's On The Lake and the United Community Center worked together on a project to bring meaningful engagement to elders living at home during the pandemic. Many Milwaukee County elders contributed to this creative project and now we invite you to experience their creativity!

What was the project?
Elders responded to a series of open-ended “Beautiful Questions”. Their responses were then shaped into a dance, video and audio collage created by three Milwaukee artists. Michael Snowden was the videographer and animator, Jacklyn Kostichka was the choreographer and dancer, and Rob Knapp created the audio including vocals. The project brings the elders' responses to life.

What were the Questions?
We asked participants questions like “What do you treasure in your home?” and “If you could look outside your window and see anything you wish, what would you want to see?” to help them reimagine their surroundings.

Later we asked questions like “If you could add something to your neighborhood, what would you add?” and “What makes Milwaukee special?” to help depict a beautiful picture of our community. These Beautiful Questions inspired Beautiful Responses that we are delighted to share back with you now.

This project was generously supported by The Greater Milwaukee Foundation; Institute on Aging at St. John’s On The Lake; the Sheldon and Marianne Lubar Family Foundation.