Help us raise the spirits of staff and residents in lockdown!

COVID has created a secondary epidemic of loneliness in its wake. Staff is stretched thin. Residents are without visitors. Simple, creative expressions of care can really brighten someone's day. To help, TimeSlips has assembled a list of care homes that have specificly requested mail. The care homes tell us that your notes of encouragement help tremendously. And postcard writing makes a great, meditative and generous project for kids and grownups alike.  Let's spread some joy!


Do you work for a care community that would be interested in receiving postcards?  Please email with the subject line "Postcards". Be sure to let us know (tag us on social media) if you appreciate the cards that come your way!


  • Review the homes on the map below. See how many cards they have received & the last time they received one.

  • Fill in the drop-down menu below the map. You can fill in how many you pledge to send to the care community.

  • Have fun writing your cards! See the sample images above of some of the amazing cards being sent throughout the world. 

  • Share a picture of your cards and tag us (#TimeSlipsCreativeStorytelling) or post here Facebook Page: TimeSlips Creative Storytelling


Consider offering:

- a hopeful poem or greeting
- a drawing
- a Beautiful Question that you can ask and share your own answer.  
For a list of Beautiful Questions, see our Creativity Center here. 
- We encourage you to share notes that are age-appropriate (not childish as these are adults),
uplifting (we can all use uplift), and joyful.  

NOTE: If you choose to write a home that is NOT on this list, we strongly suggest you call to see if they are accepting cards.  

Special Initiative (August 19th, 2020) SEND A PIECE OF YOUR HEART!  Oakridge Gardens in Wisconsin experienced a fire mid-June, displacing many of their residents. Please see this video on how to send a handmade heart postcard to the residents and staff while they are displaced from Oakridge.

To view the care homes in list form, click here: Postcards: A little Creative Care or you can review the map below and find a community that hasn't received many cards yet. Make sure to scroll down to see the entire list.