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What comes to mind when you see this word?


Thanksgiving dinner. White Christmas. Snow.Singing Christmas carols.A tradition is when you get your family together and you get a portrait.Easter time with the little ones, you can hide Easters eggs. They put...(Read More)
It's the 1940's. During WWII. There are a lot of cars, horns honking - 'tooooot!' says Sandy. The train bells are clanging, the trolley is whirring. Nobody's talking, everyone is alone they are either arriving...(Read More)
A fish named Lovely! Clara at the tail end of the bus. I have no idea why. Clara is at the Santa Maria Sea Port. Clara caught the fish with a big fishermen net. The bell went off to tell her she got a fish. Clara...(Read More)
That cat does NOT belong to me! The cat belongs to my sister Stephanie. Stephanie named the cat, sleeping sissy. Sleeping sissy eats tuna and milk. Sleeping sissy sleeps outside in her sleeping sissy sling....(Read More)
Roaring Rita, why is your mouth so wide?Is one of your cubs missing, or are you hungry?Your voice is scary, but uncertain - I want to climb a tree to get away!I tell you to get away, but I want to help you!I want...(Read More)
One sunny day, Elois and her friends set out on a fishing trip to good old Lake Erie! Before we left, we had to make sure we had our tackle box, some bait, our fishing poles, a bucket, and a jacket because it...(Read More)
SnugglyWarmSoftJoyThe purring of the cat while I stroke his soft fur.The fear of waking up the little bundle of Joy.My JoyJoy m' BoyHis grey fur gives me comfort, as I hold my bundle of joy.
Birthday, cake, and presents.Blue, gold, and purple.Happy and excited.Happy Birthday.
There is a shop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.It is a sport shop.There are two men in the is Adam and Harry.There is fishing equipment,a signand a deer's head on the wall.Harry shows what he...(Read More)
To me, the smell of Blackberries always reminds me of the fun and lazy days of Summer as a child. Reading in the back yard by flashlight at night, picnic lunches in the yard, running through the sprinkler,...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
George, the dog, is debating on whether or not to brave the snow. He feels very troubled. His owners inside, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, are watching a Christmas classic with the crackle of the fireplace in the background. While they are...(Read More)
In the snow, in the Alps. Based on his the snow, in the Alps. Their sure not in the Alps! I think their farmed. He's farming with a dog. Hans is the man. I'm going to look at the man. There are no dogs...three different times....(Read More)
We are in a crowded dive dark smokey Bar/ TheaterThe patrons are cheering about the self-absorbent passionate SparkleSparkle is acting a parody about the “DIVAS of FLAMENCO”Sparkle has a broken heart about a past relationshipFootwork and...(Read More)