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What does it mean to be a hero? Who is a hero...

Allie's hero is her grand baby. Eddy says that a hero is a person who saves someone's life.Liticia's mom is her hero. Also, the person who saved them when her mom's car stopped.Guy says that a hero means to get...(Read More)

Think of a game you played as a child. Can you...

Hide and Seek. Hop Scotch. Jumping rope. Volley Ball. Jacks.Kickball. Dodgeball - different rules. It was a free for all. you got to knock people around.Ring Around the Rosy - Singing and then "Boom"London Bridge...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
This is Jill. Jill is worried about how her wedding will turn out. The place she is having her wedding is full of Japanese blossoms. The weather was kind of cool. She is wearing her red lucky jacket and is waiting for her husband. Jill is...(Read More)
Socorro Bonnie Richard is from Mexico City. Socorro is a fan dancer. Money is in her fans. With groans in the backyard, she does footwork rhythms says¡OLÉ!happily. But after she is unhappy. She lost a partner. Now she has no-one to dance...(Read More)
There's two mice,a cat, and a fish. I think one might be a squirrel. I see a mouse with a hat on, a cat with a hat on, and a fish in front of him. The big one is a squirrel and the small one is a mouse. He says, "look what I caught." A...(Read More)