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In the Fall of 1040 Betsy and Herb her husband took a 3-4 trip to New Orleans from their Florida Home... Unfortunately Herb had too many Hurricanes and died. Betsy was ready to party down Bourbon Street doing the...(Read More)
Here is a little boy named Tom or Max or even Robin would be good. He is about 7 or 8. He is sitting next to his dog Ralph or Rusty. The dog and boy are good friends, boy and pet. The little boy is sitting in the...(Read More)
He has a long walking cane to keep dogs away and he suffers with his knee.He has lost some money.His name is Jeff and he is from Florida.Coming from home, he is going down to get a beer. He is dressed nice.His...(Read More)
The three girls are cooking a ham. It must be for Easter. They have aprons on so they must be helping in the kitchen. The three cousins come together for the holidays. They burnt the ham. One of the mothers tells...(Read More)
The man's name is Oliver. Evie has seen her but can't remember her name. Opal says her name is Ida. He is tugging on his wife. He is getting her attention because he loves her. The cat is lonesome. The boys and...(Read More)
This is Jill. Jill is worried about how her wedding will turn out. The place she is having her wedding is full of Japanese blossoms. The weather was kind of cool. She is wearing her red lucky jacket and is...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Havenwood Heritage HeightsThe dog is interested in the food in her lap. The dog is gonna pee on her leg. That would be ungrateful!Is that a bus stop? They are waiting for the bus.The dog is...(Read More)
There is two boys fighting. They have their fists balled up, so they must be fighting. Maybe they are just dancing around. But look at their hands, they are in the fist position. They could be play fighting...(Read More)
There is a man walking down the streets of Chicago. The weather looks sunny and about 60 degrees. It is a little windy too. He has on sleeves and a hat but no jacket. It appears he is on a morning stroll, not...(Read More)
That's down at Woodbury, where the barge sunk. The barge had a load of asphalt. When the water is low, you can walk across it. You can cross from the north side to the south side. He will make it across. But he...(Read More)
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Socorro Bonnie Richard is from Mexico City. Socorro is a fan dancer. Money is in her fans. With groans in the backyard, she does footwork rhythms says¡OLÉ!happily. But after she is unhappy. She lost a partner. Now she has no-one to dance...(Read More)
There's two mice,a cat, and a fish. I think one might be a squirrel. I see a mouse with a hat on, a cat with a hat on, and a fish in front of him. The big one is a squirrel and the small one is a mouse. He says, "look what I caught." A...(Read More)
Bob is delivering the mail. Its wintertime, maybe its Christmas. The wreath looks like a Christmas wreath. Bob is happy, he has a smile on his face. He is bringing cards and packages to John and Silvia. They live in Troy, New York at the...(Read More)