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By the storytellers at Silver Hub - Group A 

He's a courageous boy
He accepted and believed
He's going to get that ball
from the 'vellestrun' (door on top of a door!)

Usually he would be playing football and it...(Read More)

 Her name is Mary Margaret.

She looks very happy to be at the beach.

She looks like a professional posing; maybe she is doing a yoga stretch, or maybe it’s a beauty contest. Mary is posing for her boyfriend;...(Read More)

He spilled something or the dog got into the closet and is destroying his mom’s shoes. He is an innocent puppy. He is actually a “she”. She is a naughty girl. Her name is “Lilly”. She is trying to wear her...(Read More)

Story: It looks like an orchestra. There is a violin. It could be the PTA having a bake sale, a family reunion in the park or a wake after a funeral. There is a little girl having fun with her grandma. There are...(Read More)

By the storytellers of the Huntington

My God, it's a goat!
He's on the lam.
He's a messenger boy - Charlie Chum is a delivery boy (he delivers lambs). I don't think the lamb's gonna like it though 'cause it's lamb...(Read More)
Jimmy and Jane lived in Blue Ridge Mountains, and they had been playing in the field late day. As the sun began to set, they had to part ways to go home. Jimmy and Jane met at school and they ride the school bus...(Read More)
By the participants of Active Age at Simblija Care Home

It happens in England in his home.
He did something naughty - 
That's Mummy's biscuit box.
I think she's very poor by the looks of it.
She asking for money....(Read More)
In 1950, Bella was outside on a sunny day at her father's barn in Southern Kentucky. She was trying to catch the chicken all by herself. Angel was a tricky chicken, each time she got close to catching her Angel...(Read More)
By the storytellers of the group Active Age - Simblija Gardens

I think he was going on a trip and he missed it.
He's watching the 2 yachts
He's very happy because its relaxing.
Maybe he's not happy because he missed...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
By the participants of JP4 at St. Vincent de Paul ResidenceLegs - they're showing off their legs.Different shoes !Black and red, one is white, and another is grey too.One this way, and that another.There are 10 legs behind a curtainThere are...(Read More)
The man named Davy is at a parade celebrating the 4th of July in LA. Since it is summer, it is very hot outside. Davy's horse is named White Angel because it is white. There are about 12 dogs and they are all thinking, "What the heck is...(Read More)
Allie's hero is her grand baby. Eddy says that a hero is a person who saves someone's life.Liticia's mom is her hero. Also, the person who saved them when her mom's car stopped.Guy says that a hero means to get home.Marilyn says that her mom...(Read More)