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      There are two boys, Tommy and Billy.  They are about the same size. They are one the beach, facing each other with their fists up.  They are smiling.  There is a big, tall...(Read More)
     The one right there, he's playing a guitar or a banjo. He looks like a "Bill." This man has got a huge door with a guitar and lots of different people all around. He is playing something that...(Read More)
They are waiting for a bus. The dog is begging for food, or maybe just to get petted. It is quarter to 12. There is a gentleman in a coat, it must be chilly out. There are people trying to keep warm because it is...(Read More)
They're talking. She's barefoot, so it must be warm. He's got sandals on. Maybe it's not sandals, maybe it's just that his pants are too long. It must be summer, she's wearing a sleeveless summer dress.
They're...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Dar Padova - Making Memories Project

It happens where there are women - its women I saw in front of me me.
It happens where there are kids - where there are plenty.

They're called Johnny and...(Read More)
By the storytellers of JP4, St. Vincent de Paul

Raġel bilqegħda - Kaptan
Dak mhux kaptan
Qisha skuna - dagħjsa bil-bandiera.
Għandu xkora ħdejh għax sejjer x'imkien.

Dik-katina biex jorbot il-vapur.
Jismu Gianni jew...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Active Age Session at Simblija Gardens

He's going to lose his trousers as he forgot his belt.

They're happy. They went to the Festa.
They're laughing.
They lost weight. They're seeing the...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Butterfly Unit, Simblija Care Home

They're very small boys
They're about 3 or 4 years old
They're somewhere on the beach - maybe Birzebbugia
They're sweet without a doubt these little boys.
The dog is befriending the boy. The dog is begging for food. I think the dog belongs to the couple. Bowser is the dog's name. Roger James is the boy's name. I think the dog is lost. He's begging. He's hungry. I...(Read More)
A husband and wife. They are holding hands.They're old folks. They're window shoppers. Isn't that nice? Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are their names. There are talking a walk.It's cold outside.One is wearing a coat. The...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
By the participants of JP4 at St. Vincent de Paul ResidenceLegs - they're showing off their legs.Different shoes !Black and red, one is white, and another is grey too.One this way, and that another.There are 10 legs behind a curtainThere are...(Read More)
The man named Davy is at a parade celebrating the 4th of July in LA. Since it is summer, it is very hot outside. Davy's horse is named White Angel because it is white. There are about 12 dogs and they are all thinking, "What the heck is...(Read More)
Allie's hero is her grand baby. Eddy says that a hero is a person who saves someone's life.Liticia's mom is her hero. Also, the person who saved them when her mom's car stopped.Guy says that a hero means to get home.Marilyn says that her mom...(Read More)