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By the participants of JP4 at St. Vincent de Paul Residence

Legs - they're showing off their legs.
Different shoes !
Black and red, one is white, and another is grey too.
One this way, and that another.
There are 10 legs behind a  curtain
There are more than 10.
They are at the Manoel Theatre - that dates to Grandmaster Vilhena's time.

There are 5 girls
with small feet-  pretty feet - with no veins
Today there's no difference - male or female
They're on stage.

There's the Ghost behind the curtain. No there are 10 girls.
Shirley Temple has turned 96 years old
The director is in the audience
The audience is coming to watch the show
They come from England - that's where most of them come from.
The lads are lifting them up - they have nothing else to do
They come to Malta
Laurel & Hardy - now he would need someone to lift him up !

They're playing hide & seek
Only legs - sitting or standing.
Perhaps they're dancing the Samba.
Later they will go for a drink at a bar.
A beer from the Blue Beer Bar
Beer is what they drink.

There was the Vernon - on top of Castille
In the evenings there were dances
In the morning, old people would get their pension from there
Mine was in the Navy - we used to get paid from the Vernon.
Opposite there was a Grocer, next to St. James - the Naafi.
I had bought my Kenwood Mixer from there - 26 M. Lira.
Mannarino in Valletta sold ice cream for 6 pence.
Barmaids used to make a living
My uncle was a waiter.

in Maltese :

Is-saqajn - qed juru s-saqajn
Iz-zraben differenti !
Suwed u Homor u wiehed abjad, u wiehed gris ukoll
Wahda hekk u l-ohra hekk.

Hemm 10 saqajn wara purtiera.
Hemm iktar minn 10.
Qeghdin il-Manoel Theatre - dak ta zmien Vilhena
Toto kien idahhaq.

Hemm 5 tfajliet
saqajhom zghar u sbieh - bla vini.
Illum mhemmx nisa u rgiel.
Saqajn ta ragel ikunu differenti.
Hawn fuq il-Palk qeghdin.

Hemm il-Hares wara l-Purtiera. Le hemm 10 tfajliet. 
Shirley Temple ghalqet 96 sena.
Id-direttur qieghed fl-udjenza
In-nies ser jigu minn kullimkien ghax-xow.
Jigu minn l-Ingilterra - minn hemm l'iktar li jigu.
Qed jirfughom il guvintur - xejn m'ghandhom x'jaghmlu
Jigu Malta.
Laurel & Hardy - Dak irid min jerfa lilu.

Qed jilghabu Noli
Saqajn biss - bilqeghda jew bilwieqfa.
Forsi qed jizfnu s-samba.
Wara imorru jixorbu xarba go Bar 
Birra minn ghand Blue Beer Bar
Ghax birra jixorbu l-iktar.

Kien hemm il-Vernon - fuq Kastilja
Filghaxija kienu jizfnu
Filghodu kienu ihallsu l-pensjoni lix-xjuh minn hemm.
Kien fin-Navy tieghi - konna nithallsu mill-Vernon.
Faccata kien hemm il-Grocer, hdejn is-St. James Ta' Naafi.
Minn hemm xtrajt Kenwood - 26 Lira !
Mannarino tal-Belt, 6 pence kien il-gelat !
Il-Barmaids kien jaqalaw il-flus
Kelli z-ziju waiter.

The man named Davy is at a parade celebrating the 4th of July in LA. Since it is summer, it is very hot outside. Davy's horse is named White Angel because it is white. There are about 12 dogs and they are all thinking, "What the heck is going on here?!" Since there are so many dogs, it is probably stinky! All the dogs came from a training class, so they are pretty well behaved. The man is thinking about getting away from the dogs and getting with some girls. The horse is thinking, "All these dogs need to go away because I was here first!" Next, the parade will start and the dogs will prance behind the horse. After the parade, they will rest under a tree and then enjoy friend chicken and salad for dinner, served with wine!
Portia is playing the guitar and singing! No one is listening. She is serenading herself and the birds. She is in a park in Mount Wilson. There are a lot of trees and leaves. Its autumn. She is singing "The Falling Leaves." Everybody sings, "The Autumn leaves drift past my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold." Portia lives there. Its her sanctuary. She is looking at her guitar because she is seeing bubbles coming from her guitar. She is hoping to record a long playing CD. She is worried whether her guitar will keep working . Maybe somebody comes to teach her to play the guitar. The birds come down and join her. She throws her guitar on the ground because it wont work properly. She jumps on it. She feels sad. She goes there to play guitar and she is waiting for her boyfriend. You can see her friends reflection in the guitar. Her friend steps out of the guitar. She is a fairy godmother who fixes the guitar and everything is happy again. This story was created by Mena, Mary, Win and Elvira in the Calvary Rehabilitation Ward on 29 July 2013
Hi I am Johnny the traveling baby.I am a gift from God and part of the traveling circus.I am cute and smart and cuddly but my main attraction is that I can talk and am also a magician.I am very special! My mama is a clown and my daddy is a lion tamer. I sleep with the lions and no one bothers me.I would like to see the world and make millions and millions of friends. I work for cheap my pay is popsicle's.
Its an airplane. The girl can dream - No extra cost Trying, possibly flying Modern woman Older picture Back in the sixties She's 35-40 yrs old young 13 Western days humming, "As I walked down the streets of Laredo" Getting ready to drive cars 1920's Granny Billy leather protects her legs cold wind helps take off tie it down with a rope New Orleans by a lake people in background yelling, "She's crazy" I imagine so parade feet pedaling like a bike Chicago its a good sized wheel She can Do it Annie! Participant(s): Handmaker's Day Program - Small Group (male) / Note: Each participant added short comments and it felt like a poem at each retelling...
John Knox is holding an American flag to celebrate Flag Day. He's standing straight and being very patriotic. He looks like a President. He's waiting for someone to come along who has something to say about the parade he is waiting for. He is near his car, but he wants to march in the parade. He's in Washington D.C. in the 1930's. That's when the Depression started. His expression doesn't "sound too good", but it may be because people are shouting and he can't understand them. He doesn't think they are shouting at him. There are lots of cars around and their horns are beeping. People are singing "Amazing Grace" while they stand in front of the tall buildings. The band is playing "Toot, Toot, Toot." He's holding himself very tall and straight, and looks kind of mean. With his hand on his hip, he looks like he is thinking "Where are all the people I'm supposed to boss around." He's not happy, mad or sad – he's just posing for pictures. The people will sing the Star Spangled Banner and say the Pledge of Allegiance. After he marches in the parade, he will take the flag home and then he'll give it to a company. He is wishing that the world would be good, and there would be peace. He's wishing for happiness because he's decided what he is going to do but he isn't happy about it. He wants to go home and go to sleep because he is tired. He won't even stop to take a shower. When he gets home, he isn't going to do any math problems. He is just going to wait for something good to happen. All the people from the parade that he invited home will come to his house to see it, but all they will get is a piece of bread apiece and some water. Created at LifeCare-Athens TN Secure Alzheimer's Unit, May 2013
by Jeanne, Hans, Ruth, Bea, Corky Their names are Jack and Jackie, Frick and Frack. They are a boy and a girl- maybe brother and sister. No- they are husband and wife. They live freely together like people do, but live together better than people do. They are going to the zoo and then going to take a swim. Absolutely! That’s what they do. After their swim, Jack and Jackie are very happy. They feel hungry and are going to get something to eat. But, Jack is worried that Jackie’s feet are too cold. Maybe they will have to buy her a pair of shoes first. They decide they’re not hungry anymore. They may want to wear bathing suits or maybe they want to be “natural” and be naked. But, if they go natural they will go to jail! They find clothes that would be suited for them. We can see how Jackie would be wearing a skirt, but how would Jack wear pants?! Jack would wear a shirt and a tie and a tuxedo. They are going to go buy her shoes at a shoe store, a sea shore shop. What size shoe would Jackie wear? They don’t look like Hans’ size! But the sea shore shop is closed and Jack doesn’t have a billfold! Jack and Jackie wait for the store to open so they can buy shoes. They will have to buy flat shoes so the shoes will fit their feet. They’ll have to be big too. Jack hopes they find a pair of shoes that fit each of them. The salesman will stand there and scratch his head and say, “Well, this is new.” He’ll wonder if they have money. He also didn’t know that Jack and Jackie could talk. But, Jack says, “I’ll bring the money back” (he’s very honest). They have friends across the water where they will borrow the money from. Jack and Jackie buy the shoes and leave the store. After that they stop and have lunch at the Seafood Shack. They’ll eat crab, lots of fish, shrimp, and goldfish. Then they’ll have applesauce and minced clams for dessert! After lunch, Jack and Jackie decide to go to the movie house. Jack and Jackie feel bad because they don’t have a ticket, but they seem content and the owner lets them stay. They watch a movie called Deep in the Ocean, which is a movie about a submarine. They also watch a film about a ballgame. Is it air conditioned? Are they warm enough? If not, they will need sweaters or something. Jack and Jackie snack on potato chips, candy, and popcorn shrimp! After the movies Jack and Jackie go back home. They take a nap because they’re tired. They talk about the wonderful day they had and they look for kosher food (but they might not need kosher food). They hope for another lovely day tomorrow, kiss each other goodnight, and begin to snore!
They are dancing and it is stupidity. They are fencing and they are silly. Why would you have your back so no one can see what they are doing? It is not very nice. There seems to be a fire brewing and they seem to be putting it out. It is taking place at Steve's house. One has her back to us and the other has her front to us and it is happening currently. The one with her back to us, her name is Sheila and the other one is Mary. They know one another, they are friends. You would hear the sounds of the two things in their hands and someone playing piano in the background. They would be playing something to dance to. Let us cheer them up the people whose property may go up in the fire. One looking one way the other looking the other way. It looks out in the bush. There is enough about animals joining it. They would pack up and go home. They would live anywhere in New South Wales. They might be forward people. They would say anything. One has a heart on her vest sort of calling. Thinking would someone be there for me. They might have malice and someone would be entrusted on what I have on my chest. They are having a sword fight, Mary would win. Sheila wins, she wants to go home to do her work. This story was created by Roma, Valerie, Monica, Joseph, Michael and Brenda at Carinya Dementia Unit on 11 April 2013
Let’s name her Delores. I say call her Lady Day. She is going horse racing. She is dressed like a horse racer. It looks like she is going to the track. I think she is going to church. She is dressed nice and people always wear hats to church. I say it’s a sports hat, a helmet. I don’t know what she does for a living, maybe she is a waiter or a jockey. She just finished a race. That is why she is looking backwards. She is short and has a light complexion. She just won a famous race. She is the first lady jockey and is racing at the Hollywood Race Track. People are applauding her and people are shouting and everything because she is famous. It’s her first race. You know, if you are going to gamble on horses you have to put more than $2 down more like $200!
We see a little puppy dog with a cape that might be a towel. It looks like the cape is taped against the wall. We decide the dog’s name is a male and his name is Floppy. He is a very handsome dog. Floppy is sitting there in his cape, drawing his master’s attention. Freda thinks that Floppy looks angry, but the rest of the group doesn’t agree, they think Floppy looks nice. He’s looking around, curious to see what’s going on. Floppy belongs to one of the people that came here before, but his owner has since gone home. He’s a thoughtful dog, thinking things like “What can I do now?” and wondering what meal is coming up next. He also wants his cape off, that is why he is angry. After the picture was taken, Floppy releases himself from the cape and runs away. He runs for a while until he gets hungry. He decides to go home to eat. When he gets home, he has a meal and jumps on his master to show how happy he is to see him. His master feels guilty and agrees never to put the cape on him again. We wonder if this is the end of our story. Edith says “It sounds like it.” The End
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The man named Davy is at a parade celebrating the 4th of July in LA. Since it is summer, it is very hot outside. Davy's horse is named White Angel because it is white. There are about 12 dogs and they are all thinking, "What the heck is...(Read More)
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