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Are you piloting a new program? Want some expert advice?
Or perhaps a little imaginative fairy dust?

TimeSlips' international team of Master Trainers and Artists are here to inspire creativity and share their expertise in program design.

Universities designing arts engagement programs for medical students

Dementia Services organizations creating new arts programs

Museums designing programming for families with dementia

Libraries keen to age-integrate their programming

Art schools interested in creating intergenerational and experiential learning opportunities

Arts Councils looking to expand their support to cross-sector partners

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Network Spotlight

Organizations changing the way we think about aging...

Jefferson University / Humanities & Health Program

Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson offers an array of humanities course options to their students. TimeSlips is consulting with the team at Jefferson and Theatre of Witness to shape a play inspired by stories of people living with dementia. Jefferson is also one of our NextGen sites, integrating the TimeSlips service learning program into their Humanities & Health course options.

TimeSlips' founder Anne Basting visited one of Jefferson's sessions between medical students and mentors living with dementia at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens (pictured here).


Designed to infuse creativity to relationships and systems

Keynote / Speaking Engagements

We do large scale (state, national, global) conference keynotes with our award winning Founder and Master Trainers.  Contact us to tailor a presentation to your group!

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What people are saying about our consulting and workshops

Basting contributed immeasurably to our project as a consultant. She frequently prompted us to consider questions that we hadn’t thought of and ways of reframing problems that suddenly opened up whole new areas of possibility, just by introducing a different word or concept. There’s a clarity and elegance to Anne’s thinking that signals profound expertise—she simply has thought through these topics (creativity, aging, connection) backwards and forwards. Being in dialogue with her shifts the paradigm of your own thinking.

- Megan Voeller, Director of Humanities, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

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