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Individual Training/Certification

Certified Facilitators are the drivers of
the Creative Care Revolution!

Artists and professional caregivers of all stripes benefit from this dynamic training.

Individual Training and Certification is $299 per person. Interested in training for your organization? Click here.

Here's How! Complete the six, playful online modules (stop and start at your convenience!)

Practice the method for 3 sessions - publishing a minimum of 3 stories to the site.

Return to the Training Center to complete a brief Self-Evaluation of practice, which is reviewed by one of our Master Trainers.

When the Master Trainer is convinced you understand the core principles of the TimeSlips approach - you are Certified! You'll receive an online certificate. And...

Certified Facilitators are invited to online dialogues about innovative practices by facilitators across the world.

Share and receive ongoing support on our Certified Facilitator Facebook page.

You can help fuel the Creative Care Revolution by expanding the number of elders TimeSlips reaches each year with meaningful engagement!

Jeanette Waeldin

Sulzburg, Germany

Jeanette has been a certified facilitator since 2016. Since then, her inventiveness hasn't stopped! She had custom-made chocolates wrapped in image prompts. That was both creative and delicious. Then, using Beautiful Questions with elders in Sulzburg, Jeanette created handmade books that unfold with the answers to the questions. She sent us some samples we were able to photograph.

She honors the elders responses with beautiful hand-made books that capture the magic of her exchanges.

Thank you Jeanette for continuing to inspire us!


Specially designed to support your creative engagement practice

Training and Certification

Our playful online training explores creativity, aging/ageism, and the TimeSlips approach to meaningful engagement.

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Got a question? The answer might be right here!

How does my Organization get trained?

Just click on Org Training in Services (or here). We offer fully online or in-person training. 

The training elements include:
  • Creative engagement techniques
  • Creative community building techniques
  • Engaging families, staff and volunteers
  • Planning a celebration event 
  • Creative Asset Mapping 
  • Documentation and Evaluation
  • Is there evidence that this works?

    There is some nice, solid research out there now telling us that yes, this kind of creative engagement has significant impact on the lives of people with dementia. See our impact page for more details.

    I’m a Certified Facilitator. What does that mean I can do?

    Certification assures you that you have successfully transitioned from training to practice, and enables you to facilitate storytelling circles and call them TimeSlips sessions. Certified Facilitators can “model” Time Slips for others, but they can not “certify” others. That is reserved for people trained as In-House Trainers and Master Trainers.

    This is fun. Who was this designed for? And who can use it?

    It IS fun isn’t it? TimeSlips was originally designed for people with cognitive disabilities like dementia. Creative engagement is an ideal way for people with cognitive challenges to communicate. Our main audiences are families, care providers and elders experiencing isolation, whether from disabilities or social situations. But it’s fun for everyone and effective for community building of all kinds.

    We already do improvisational storytelling in my facility. How is TimeSlips' training different?

    We often hear people say “We’re already doing that...” but when we ask a few questions, we hear, “well, maybe not...” Here’s a handy checklist:

  • Are you creating a ritual process and a special event?
  • Are you accepting and validating every answer?
  • Are you inviting and including gestures, sounds, and "non-sensical" answers?
  • Are you asking open-ended (“Beautiful”) questions?
  • Are you echoing all responses to be sure you’re getting them right?
  • Are you inviting and affirming multiple forms of expression (sounds, gesture, image, words)?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you connecting deeply with residents?
  • Are you sharing the stories beyond your group?
  • Are you engaging and building on the creativity of staff, families, volunteers and elders?
  • If not...your organization could truly benefit from building community through creative engagement. Learn more about becoming a Creative Community of Care.


    What Certified Facilitators are saying about
    their experiences with TimeSlips

    I love singing with the storytellers, seeing how they integrate songs into the stories, watching them teaching the students the songs. I love knowing that my students will be more caring and warm medical professionals because of these experiences.

    - Laurie Lambeth, Certified Facilitator, Houston, TX

    Oh my goodness - the JOY and DELIGHT of the whole shared creative process is so uplifting - who can stop smiling? It affects everyone and ripples out.  

    - Victoria Orlando, Certified Facilitator, Bridgewater, NJ

    One of the participants proudly stated ‘I can’t remember, but here I can imagine’, which I found an incredibly moving testament to the power of this programme.

    - Laura Menzies, Certified Facilitator, Falmouth, England

    I did my first TimeSlips today.  I am still flying high. The residents loved it.

    - Connie Thimmig, Director of Enrichment Services St., St Mary’s Home For The Aged, Manitowoc, WI

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