Tele-Stories invites elders into creative and engaging conversations from the comfort of their own homes. Building from the concept of “well check calls” which are meant to address basic physical needs, Tele-Stories tends to social and emotional wellbeing by using creativity to forge connections and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Every Tele-Stories facilitator is certified in TimeSlips and trained in how to facilitate creative engagement remotely

Through a series of calls, a Certified TimeSlips Facilitator guides the participant through various creative activities, from storytelling to poetry

The calls build off of one another and the conversations that are had act as inspiration for the facilitator to create a shareable creative collaborative gift with the elder and the broader community

Each Tele-Stories experience is completely unique and customized for each participant

Who it's for?
Any elder who would like more creative engagement in their life! When organizations bring us in for Tele-Stories programming, we encourage them to recruit elders who may be under-connected, or isolated.

Tele-Stories training is currently being offered to artists, students, senior service organizations and their volunteers. Tele-Stories programming can assist organizations in making their well check calls creative, fun and provide a deep connection to reduce isolation and loneliness.

We are pursuing the expansion of this training for caregivers and anyone else who wants to have a meaningful, creative way to connect remotely.

Does it work?
In our most recent Tele-Stories program in Milwaukee, WI, we asked each artist and elder participant questions to gauge their ranking on a loneliness scale before and after their participation in the program. A control group was also surveyed.

After the twelve-week program, here is what we found…

60% of artists were less lonely
51% of elder participants were less lonely
23% of elders not involved were less lonely (40% were more lonely)

Where can I learn more?
Click here to watch the Milwaukee Civic Response Tele-Stories Project Webinar.
Click the following links to hear what the participants have to say: Audio 1 | Audio 2 | Audio 3
Click here to hear from the Milwaukee Tele-Stories Artists about their experience in the project.

How can I get involved?
We are currently seeking additional funding to continue the program and are hopeful that given this pilot's success we will be able to continue the project, especially as we work to support one another during extended periods in which physical distancing is required. If you or your organization are interested in getting involved, please email


Questions about our sevices?
Drop us a line.