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Merry Josephine(on the right)and her sister Mary (on the left) are getting the kids' plates ready. "Merry" Josephine, as she is called because she was born on Christmas, is a good seamstress, taught her younger...(Read More)
Silly Sam is in the dryer. He is washing his shoes.He has a hot date! His face is pretty ugly! He needs a bath. He'll have to get out carefully. Next time, take off your shoes first! created during Senior Story...(Read More)
The boys name is Mikie and he is about 7 years young. Mikie sneaked in the kitchen and found something good. Mom is in the basement doing laundry. Rollie thinks he's eating dog biscuits, but some think it's...(Read More)
Orville the mailperson. So he is sorting out the mail to put in the slot. He's making sure he has the right packages for the house. He is happy and thinking about the people that will be getting it. He could be in...(Read More)
Jessica, a girl who likes to play guitar Jessica, she's a princess She sits on a neighbor's bench Autumn leaves everywhere On the bench On the floor Fence behind her There's a house there and another yard She...(Read More)

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That's Mabel and Sue. Sue is the one who is laughing. Mabel is Sue's aunt. Or she is her daughter. One thing for sure, Sue knows Mabel because she is laughing. Mabel is mad at Sue. She's mad because Sue is giving...(Read More)
Never met a woman so dressed in blue. She's called Sweet Sophie, who woulda knew? Strumming the guitar on a nice fall day. People passing by, but nobody say "hey". Sweet Sophie, Sweet Sophie In the sunlight she...(Read More)
It's 1 pm on a brisk afternoon, in the 1940s, or maybe even 2010. A soldier on leave from Ft. Dix, New Jersey is outside his barracks, or a schoolhouse. He's got time, you can see from the one stripe on his...(Read More)
She has skinny legs and she's doing the dance. Her name is Betty Jones. She is at a football game dancing in front of the band in Williamsburg Virginia. Betty is doing the peppermint twist. She is feeling good and...(Read More)
Ralph: Hey there! My name is Ralph what is your name beautiful? Ginger: Well hello there Old Yellor!! My name is Ginger, pleased to meet you! How are you this morning? you look very very very very very very very...(Read More)