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This young lad took the cookie container without Mom's knowing or permission. Even the dog knows he's doing something wrong. He's hiding somewhere in the house where Mom doesn't go very often. Mom's in the...(Read More)
Warm and sunny day in Mexico, Penny is the chicken man. He is wearing cut overalls with a bright white, and yellow shirt. Penny is marching with the chickens, like a army. Getting dark, he put chickens back to the...(Read More)
Her name is Sara. The story takes place in Colorado. It is 1955. Sara is getting ready to rope a horse. She is looking toward the herd of wild horses. She is feeling relaxed and confident. She knows what she is...(Read More)
It's the middle of the town square, it's Wednesday, Hump Day Millicent couldn't stop herself from doing the twist. It's almost over, she's almost free - he was a rotten husband anyway! She is a liberated woman....(Read More)
She was crossing the street and coming from the other side. She was leaving and not going back again. She was walking with an umbrella. Perhaps she is going to the drugstore or shopping. Or she might be going home...(Read More)
Her name is Velma Louise Johnson, and she was the winner of the 1966 Cocoa Beach Pageant and Athletic Competition. Back then, it wasn't just about looks. Velma Louise, or Pinky to her closest friends, trained in...(Read More)
This boy, Jose Luis or Jorge Guzman, looks so comfortable...He reaches down and picks up a cookie and reaches down and picks up a cookie with his little dog. It's chocolate chip! He's sucking his thumb to get...(Read More)
Last day of school! Devine is jumping for joy. He’s happy. He feels he is escaping from jail, a run away boy! Freedom at last. He’s not on the beach alone; he is with his girlfriend, Suzanna, and seagulls over the...(Read More)
He is eating for sure and reading the newspaper. It could be the Chicago Tribune or the Journal Star. He is trying to eat healthy by eating strawberries and whole wheat flakes but really, he we know he is eating...(Read More)
What are they called? Penguins. There’s only two the same, don’t know what their names are but they are doing alright holding hands. They are in Antarctica. The one on the left’s name is Peter, 'Peter the penguin'...(Read More)