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This is a typical boy of another era. You can tell by his clothes. His name is Tommy. Looks like he is eating something. He eats cookies from a nice container. You can tell from his face that he thinks he is...(Read More)
This story takes place on a farm in the country. It’s early in the morning. The young girl’s apron has some eggs in it and she’s let out the ducks. The farmer is near by; he’s either her father or her grandfather....(Read More)
This is Billy the lobster. It is bring your pet to school day. Jacob is trying to pet his lobster but he keeps getting pinched. Children are mumbling and talking about the weird boy in a cowboy hat. The room...(Read More)
Cornell Hall Rehabilitation Center, Union NJ TimeSlips Session Facilitated and recorded by Lillian Ribeiro Story by Seniors on Stage TimeSlips Session #6 There’s a lady in the window. She’s got a smile on her...(Read More)
He is called Putte, he is a mailman or postman who delivers letters, christmasletters or Christmas presents. Or is it Advent mail, he hands out. He feels happy, he sees the bow on the door. We are here outside the...(Read More)
That is a bedroom. It looks as though it is in the middle of the nighttime and noone is around. He is not frightened but a little disturbed. He is by himself because all the others are out there with their...(Read More)
Oh dear. They're screwy. They are sisters, these girls. Their names are Gertrude and Maude. I love their hats. It must be very cold because their ears are covered. They are really rugged up. They are British girls...(Read More)
The boy and the cat are lying on the floor looking at one another. The boy’s name is Peter and the cat’s name is Parsnip. Peter is telling Parsnip to get out of his way and is laying there mimicking Parsnip. They...(Read More)
He is making a getaway. This is taking place in Rio de Janeiro. His name is Speedy. He hears guitar music and sees dancing. He is listening to spiritual and country western music and it is fast. His face looks...(Read More)
Somebody's in trouble. This boy is not in trouble, his best friend is a dog. This boy is a larikin. He climbs trees and his dog goes around him barking and protecting him and he shares his biscuits with his dog....(Read More)