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They are dancing and it is stupidity. They are fencing and they are silly. Why would you have your back so no one can see what they are doing? It is not very nice. There seems to be a fire brewing and they seem to...(Read More)
We see a little puppy dog with a cape that might be a towel. It looks like the cape is taped against the wall. We decide the dog’s name is a male and his name is Floppy. He is a very handsome dog. Floppy is...(Read More)
Let’s name her Delores. I say call her Lady Day. She is going horse racing. She is dressed like a horse racer. It looks like she is going to the track. I think she is going to church. She is dressed nice and...(Read More)
Its an airplane. The girl can dream - No extra cost Trying, possibly flying Modern woman Older picture Back in the sixties She's 35-40 yrs old young 13 Western days humming, "As I walked down the streets of...(Read More)
by Jeanne, Hans, Ruth, Bea, Corky Their names are Jack and Jackie, Frick and Frack. They are a boy and a girl- maybe brother and sister. No- they are husband and wife. They live freely together like people do, but...(Read More)
John Knox is holding an American flag to celebrate Flag Day. He's standing straight and being very patriotic. He looks like a President. He's waiting for someone to come along who has something to say about the...(Read More)
Hi I am Johnny the traveling baby.I am a gift from God and part of the traveling circus.I am cute and smart and cuddly but my main attraction is that I can talk and am also a magician.I am very special! My mama is...(Read More)
Portia is playing the guitar and singing! No one is listening. She is serenading herself and the birds. She is in a park in Mount Wilson. There are a lot of trees and leaves. Its autumn. She is singing "The...(Read More)
The penguins are traveling to Antarctica to take a walk. The penguins like to walk there because it's cold. They are taking a boat there because there are no penguins allowed on airplanes. They are on the...(Read More)
Is that a sheep? I think it’s a sheep. It’s definitely a sheep. Looks like they are in South or Central America. They’re ridesharing. Well, it’s in Asia. It’s a cute backpack. It is definitely a cute backpack....(Read More)